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December 28th, 2010 No comments

During the software development process, and especially while you are getting acquainted with new technologies, you often encounter the situation that you spend hours and hours trying to figure out how to solve certain ‘simple’ problems, until you realize that the solution to that problem is not as simple as you had expected. Or, in contrast, that there is a simple solution, but you did not think of it.

In these situations, I often wonder why these ‘simple’ things are documented nowhere. Therefore, with this blog, I want to document what I learnt when dealing with these new technologies, so that other developers who might be facing the same issues can benefit from my experiences. If you have got comments, questions or ideas for better solutions, please feel free to use the “Comments” section to express them!

Legal disclaimer

The source code posted on this site is, if not stated otherwise, released into the public domain for use in personal and commercial projects and is provided as-is. I cannot (and will not) guarantee for the correctness of this code. If my code seems helpful to you, feel free to drop by and leave a comment in the “Comments” section!